Four ways to fix an unresponsive iPhone home button

If your iPhone house button is not working or has become unresponsive, we've got some probable fixes to share with you. We have come across that some users do seem to have persistent difficulties with the house button on iPhone 5. And most of us know the story behind the home buttons in elderly devices such as the iPhone 4 and 3GS in which it was able to get filthy and unresponsive after a while.

The thing is, it occurs. Could be due to a calibration flaw or maybe on account of the dust along with the moisture after prolonged use. While motives are not clear, the solutions can help you fix an unresponsive home button onto your iPhone 5/4S/4 and other iOS apparatus. still your problem not fixed visit once for detailed solution.

Recalibrating The Home Button:

Recalibrating the house button appears to correct the issue for a majority of those users. It occurred with our iPhones here. If the house button gets a bit tricky and unresponsive, this is what we usually do:

Open a program. Any default iOS app. (Weather, Clock etc.)
Hold on the Sleep/Wake button (Electricity ) until the'Switch off to power' appears
Now press and hold the house button until the slide goes away and you get to the home screen.

This should fix the calibration difficulties and make the home button work better. Obviously, while the thing works well, the calibration seems to wane away after some time. For some, this occurs within a week or so. For some, this occurs after a few months or weeks.

Cleaning / Dusting

Sweat triggers moisture. There is dust all around. And with the type of small spaces the home button border has, it is quite much possible that the unresponsiveness is a result of dust clogged inside. Typically, fix takes up a lot of time and money so that you can try cleaning the thing yourself.